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                The Adopt A Highway Volunteer Program is designed to allow civic minded groups, organizations, families or individuals that want to adopt and clean a segment of County roadway a minimum of 2 times a year. The program provides all the necessary supplies needed for the volunteers to complete their clean ups safely. The program provides recognition signs at each end of the adopted road, with the Volunteer Group's Name proudly displayed.


                The Adopt A Highway Sponsorship Program is designed to provide civic minded businesses, groups, organizations, families or individuals the opportunity to Sponsor a segment of County roadway by hiring one of the county approved Maintenance Providers to perform maintenance services on their behalf. Recognition signs with the Sponsors name proudly displayed will be posted at each end of the Sponsored roadway. If you choose the Sponsorship Program, one or more of the Maintenance Providers will contact you with competitive quotes for you to choose from. If the price quotes from the Maintenance Providers do not fit within your budget and you would prefer to switch to the Volunteer Program, please contact the Adopt A Highway coordinator to make the switch.

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